SimplyAV™ Introduces The Dongler® – The First True Universal HDMI® Dongle Adapter Ring Holder

The Dongler’s innovative and patent pending design easily and securely connects various mobile devices to projectors, video walls, TV’s & monitors. The Dongler® is ideal for presenters, trade shows, offices, hotels, churches, gaming and the home.

What makes The Dongler® different from any other solution?

Our founders are leading developers with HDMI and DisplayPort technologies. Their cable and interconnect technologies are already sold worldwide in the ProAV and Networking industries. Prior to The Dongler®, no other ring type solutions supported the latest 4K technologies. So, with the help and recommendations from leading AV industry professionals in the USA and Europe… The Dongler® was born.

We developed The Dongler® to be a true universal HDMI dongle adapter ring holder. No matter the brand or type of pigtail dongle or adapter, all can be quickly and securely attached to The Dongler®.

Secondly, our industry leading dongles support the latest 4K HDMI, DisplayPort and USB standards. Our dongles support HDMI v2.0b with 4K@60 4:4:4 18Gbps plus HDR; DisplayPort 1.4 supporting 4K/8K up to 32Gbps (input); and USB Type C 4K.

The quality of our dongles is unmatched in the industry. We feature aircraft aluminum housing for better heat dissipation that is necessary for any true 4K content. We tested so many brands of dongles and adapters and found that most of them only supported up to 9Gbps… which isn’t even 1080p and so far away from the 4K@60 4:4:4 18Gbps that is becoming standard today.

Additional Features
Dongles and adapters are connected to The Dongler® by the way of “Harnessess”. This allows for fast and easy attachment of any brand pigtail dongle or adapter.
Combination Lock for security and easy changing of Harnesses. No tools to lose.

The Dongler® consists of a plastic-coated cut-resistant steel ring connected to a combination lock. This allows for easy dongle & adapter changing and anchoring The Dongler to desks, tables or any secure structure.


The Dongler® is attached to the HDMI cable infrastructure using our HDMI Cable Harness. Again, fast and easy. 

SimplyAV™ offers high-quality audio and video hardware solutions that are both innovative and industry-leading as far as performance. This is what separates our products from the competition making SimpyAV™ simply better. 

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