Simply45® - What You Need To Know

Please find below a series of informative articles that explain in more detail information that you should know about RJ45 modular plug terminations and how to raise the performance of your networking links and channels.
Learn how RJ45 modular plug design can substantially reduce the introduction of crosstalk and noise in the terminated link. Critical for 10G cable performance. Click here to learn more.
The relationship between LAN cables and RJ45 modular plugs are critical to system performance. Learn how Simply45’s RJ45 modular plug designs improve link & channel performance necessary to support today’s system requirements. Click here to learn more.
Learn more about why Simply45® has created multiple types of Pass-Through RJ45 modular plugs and how to select the right mod plug for your installation link and channel. Click here to learn more.
The foundation of a good pass-through and standard WE/SS RJ45 modular plug crimp tool is “Stability”. Learn how unstable crimp tools introduce problems with the RJ45 modular plug that are not readily noticeable by the naked eye and a general guideline to follow when selecting RJ45 modular plugs and crimp tools. Click here to learn more.
All load bars are not created equal. Learn how Bar45® by Simply45® improves termination performance with unique designs matched to specific RJ45 modular plugs. Click here to learn more.