DO-H002 – Adapter Harnesses for The Dongler®

Adapter Harnesses for The Dongler®. Add more adapters to your Dongler. Adapter Harnesses are the quick & easy way to securely attach any brand adapter (non-pigtail) to your Dongler. Includes (3) Adapter Harnesses, (1) Harness Locking Tool & extra screw/lock.

EAN/UPC: 817777017717
Weights (lb/kg): 0.050 lb / 0.023 kg
Dimensions (in/mm): 8.6 x 3.9 x .2 in / 218 x 99 x 5 mm


The Dongler® is the first true Universal Dongle & Adapter Ring Holder. The Dongler® keeps all brands of dongles and adapters corralled and secured for their next connection.

The Adapter Harnesses are an innovative and easy way to secure your adapters to The Dongler®. The Adapter Harnesses are used to attach any brand of adapters to The Dongler®. These Adapter Harnesses can be added to all Dongler models. If you need to attach a pigtail dongle adapter, please use our Dongle Harness (part: DO-H001).

This package contains:

(3) Adapter Harnesses for attaching adapters with no pigtail.



Note: Adapter Harnesses use an industrial adhesive to permanently attach adapters to the harness. Do not try to remove it after application. Remove protective film from the sticky pad (fig 1). Firmly press the sticky pad onto the center of the adapter and hold for 2-3 seconds (fig 2). The adapter is now attached to harness (fig 3).

Fig 1
Fig 2
Fig 3
TIP: Sticky pad MUST be placed on a smooth surface. Avoid placing it on a ridged or uneven surface.

Note: The Dongler® is not designed to be an invulnerable protection measure. The Dongler® is designed to discourage casual theft and the inadvertent removal of the attached dongles and adapters.

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