Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - SimplyAV™ & The Dongler® Products

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Virtually any pigtail dongle adapter and any non-pigtail adapter can be attached to The Dongler® using our Dongle Harnesses or Adapter Harnesses. This way if you already have adapters or dongles you can quickly and easily build your Dongler. Please visit The Dongler® Harnesses page for more details.
We recommend the use of high-quality HDMI infrastructure cables. Today’s applications require the use of good quality HDMI cables. Whenever possible we recommend the use of Premium Certified HDMI cables and/or Active Optical AOC HDMI cables with at least 24Gbps bandwidth that support 4K@60 4:4:4 18Gbps, plus HDR. You also do not need to spend a fortune on HDMI cables. There are many high-quality HDMI cables on the market that are reasonably priced. We do recommend considering Structured Cable Products Inc (“SCP”) ( branded HDMI cables or Pro Connect by MstrBrand ( These cables will support todays 4K applications without failure.

The Dongler® brand adapter dongles are designed to work with most of today’s brands of displays and mobile source devices. If for some reason you cannot get a picture on the display device, we recommend the following: Test your connection with another HDMI cable directly from the Source device to the Display device. If you then get a picture, the issue has to do with either a poor performing HDMI infrastructure cable or an older legacy AVR (audio video receiver) device that the signal is being routed through that does not support newer mobile device sources. This can be experienced with some Microsoft Surface and Apple mobile devices used with legacy systems. Bypassing the AVR will usually solve the problem.

If you are using non-Dongler brand adapters and have encountered no picture, do the above test as well. Be advised that many dongles and adapters even sold today, do not support 4K content. Many cannot support even 1080p notwithstanding their published claims. Also, many dongles and adapters will overheat causing device shutdown and possible damage to device sockets and the HDMI infrastructure cable. Using high quality dongles and adapters such as offered by The Dongler® will eliminate these issues. For DP1.4, MDP1.4, and USB Type-C, the higher bandwidth requires the use of aluminum housing to better handle heat dissipation and eliminate device overheating.