S45-C200 – Universal RJ45 Crimp Tool for Standard WE/SS 8P8C Unshielded & Internal Ground

Simply45® Universal Multi-Function Standard WE/SS (8P8C) RJ45 Crimp Tool- For UTP & Internal Ground Standard WE/SS RJ45 Modular Plugs. Includes Wire Cutter & Stripper- 1 EA/BLISTER

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Weights (lb/kg): 1 lb / 0.454 kg
Dimensions (in/mm): 11.6 x 4.5 x 1.2 in / 295 x 114 x 30 mm


Simply45® is the industry-leading brand for RJ45 modular plug innovation and performance solutions. Our Universal Standard WE/SS (8P8C) RJ45 Modular Plug Crimp Tool – S45-C200 for unshielded and internal ground-shielded Standard RJ45 modular plugs is a breakthrough in professional RJ45 termination.

Note: Shielded with External Ground RJ45 modular plugs require a different crimp tool.  For Pass-Through Shielded with External Ground RJ45 modular plugs, please use our part S45-C250 heavy-duty crimp tool. For our Universal Standard WE/SS 8P8C for Shielded with External Ground RJ45 Crimp Tool please click here.

Simply45® Universal Standard WE/SS (8P8C) RJ45 Crimp Tool – S45-C200 Features:

Ratcheted for Full Compression Cycle. A ratcheted crimp tool requires the installer to complete the full crimping cycle. While some RJ45 brands are eliminating this feature with their crimp tools, Simply45® knows that a ratcheted crimp tool is critical to ensuring that the RJ45 pins are properly seated onto the wire conductors.  A ratcheted crimp tool prevents incomplete plug termination.

Synchronized Handles = More Force with Less Hand Effort. The Simply45® Standard RJ45 Crimp Tool S45-C200 uses synchronized handles that compress together during the crimping cycle. This synchronization delivers consistent and even force directly to the plug socket.  The result is a smoother, faster, and easier crimping process. The Simply45® Standard RJ45 Crimp Tool S45-C200 provides more leverage than any other RJ45 crimp tool. The tool handles open up to 4.25” (108mm).  This leverage delivers more force with less hand effort during the crimping cycle. Other RJ45 crimp tools may work ok when you are crimping Cat5e, but when you start crimping Cat6 or Cat6a LAN cables, it usually takes both hands to squeeze strongly to complete the crimp cycle. This is because most other RJ45 crimp tools use only ONE handle to generate the crimping force. The Simply45® RJ45 Crimp Tool design utilizes BOTH handles working in tandem to deliver the crimping force with much less effort. Crimping Cat6 cables with one hand is easy to do. This lowers hand fatigue especially when you have many terminations to complete in a day.

Steel Reinforced for Greater Stability. We wrapped the Simply45® Standard RJ45 Crimp Tool S45-C200 with reinforced steel to ensure tool stability during the crimping cycle.  When we analyzed other RJ45 crimp tools on the market we found that tools using various inserts introduced a lot of instability during the crimping cycle. Over time this instability causes incomplete RJ45 pin setting onto the wire conductors.  Crimp tool stability results in a smoother crimping cycle, better pin sets, and greater durability over time. You can compare this to chefs in the kitchen. They can tell immediately if they have a good carving knife. They can truly feel the difference in the weight, the feel, the balance, the stability… compared to a cheaply made knife from China. That carving knife works smoothly with less effort.  In our industry, the professional installer is the chef and RJ45 terminations are done in his kitchen. That is why professional installers should only use the best professional tools for the best professional results.

Universal for All Standard WE/SS 8P8C RJ45 Modular Plugs. We designed our S45-C200 crimp tool to work not only with Simply45® brand Standard WE/SS type RJ45 modular plugs but also with all industry-compliant Standard WE/SS type RJ45 modular plugs. So, no matter what brand of compliant WE/SS type RJ45 modular plugs that you use, the Simply45® S45-C200 crimp tool is the right tool for you.

Wire Alignment Pattern Where You Need ItSimply45® laser engraves the wire alignment patterns Type A/B right under the crimping socket. We also list the pattern to match how the RJ45 modular plug is inserted into the tool. This makes it easy to provide one last check to be sure the wires are properly aligned inside the plug before crimping.   This was a feature recommended by professional installers as a final check before crimping the RJ45 modular plug. Eliminates the error of putting the wire alignment upside down into the plug.

Multi-Function. The Simply45® Universal Standard RJ45 Crimp Tool S45-C200  also includes a built-in wire cutter and wire stripper. We also recommend our Adjustable LAN Cable Stripper (parts: S45-S01BL & S45-S01YL) that professionally strips ALL shielded and unshielded LAN cables from Cat7a to Cat5e.

Set Strain Reliefs / Boots During Crimping Cycle. Simply45® offers integrated strain reliefs/boots that are crimped to the RJ45 modular plug during the crimping cycle.  The process is fast and secure. Using strain reliefs (boots) is very important to protect the RJ45 modular plug termination.  The Simply45® integrated strain reliefs work much better than other strain reliefs. The Simply45® integrated strain reliefs are narrow (the same width as the RJ45 modular plug). This is ideal for multi-port patch panels as you can easily insert and remove the plug from the jacks.  Learn more about the Simply45® Strain Reliefs here: S45-B001 | S45-B002 | S45-B003.

Ergonomic Grip. Simply45® designed the S45-C200 with an ergonomic grip that reduces hand fatigue and slippage.

Lifetime Warranty. We are so certain that you will be pleased with the performance of our Simply45® Universal Standard WE/SS RJ45 Crimp Tool S45-C200 that we now offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty.  For more details on our Lifetime Limited Warranty, please click here

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