Best Practice Termination Instructions

Part Number: S45-1755P
Simply45® ProSeries Pass Through Shielded RJ45 Modular Plugs
(PATENT: 10,811,831 B1)
Congratulations on purchasing the Simply45® S45-1755P ProSeries Pass-Through Shielded External Ground RJ45 Modular Plugs for 10G Shielded and other large diameter shielded LAN cables. Our ProSeries Pass Through RJ45 plugs include the uniquely designed and patented Cap45®.
Using the Simply45® Adjustable LAN Cable Stripper (S45-S01BL/YL) or wire stripper on the Simply45® Heavy Duty RJ45 Crimp Tool (S45-C100/S45-C101), score the cable jacket about 2” (5cm) from the cable end. Be sure not to cut too deep where the wire conductors could be nicked. Remove the stripped cable jacket.
Slide the S45-1755P metal shell onto the cable jacket with the front of the shell facing the termination end. Slide it back out of the way for the moment.
Trim all cable shielding (AL foil, metal braid) back to the cable jacket. We recommend using the Simply45® 5” Angled Flush Cutter (S45-801). Do not cut off the drain wire. Fold the drain wire straight back about 1 inch (2.5cm) over the cable jacket. If there is a center spline/pair separator cut it off as close to the jacket as possible without nicking the wire conductors.
Untwist and straighten the wire conductors. We recommend using the Simply45® Adjustable LAN Cable Stripper (S45-S01BL/YL) that has a wire straightener comb on the top. Next, align the wires in the correct alignment pattern (Type A or B). The B pattern is the most used today.
Using the S45-801 Flush Cutter, trim the solid wires back about 3/4” (2cm).
Following the pattern above, insert the 4 striped wires first. Make sure the wires are fully laid into the load bar.
Then insert the 4 solid wires.
Next, using the S45-801 Flush Cutter, trim the wires flush to the load bar but leave at least 1”(2.5cm) of wire.
Insert the cable with the Bar45® into the plug (fig 1). Then push the wires to come out through the front of the plug as shown above (fig. 2). The S45-1755P plug is designed to accommodate the insertion of large diameter cables up to 8.0mm (0.315”). Work the cable jacket into the plug until fully inserted. While looking from underneath the plug, the cable jacket should meet or come close to the horizontal line (fig. 2). Make sure the drain wire remains straight down the cable jacket.
Insert the loaded plug into the Simply45 Heavy Duty RJ45 Crimp Tool (S45-C100/S45-C101). Make sure to completely insert the plug into the crimper socket.
Compress the crimper handles all the way down with one swift and firm motion until the handles release.
Verify that the wires are still correctly aligned to the pattern. Slide the S45-1755P metal shell over the plug body as shown above. Press-In on the bottom of the plug as you attach the shell. This will allow the plug to snap into the metal shell. The drain wire should remain straight back against the cable jacket and come out of the back of the metal shell and extend past the external ground arm.
Push the external ground arm down over the drain wire and against the cable jacket. The drain wire should meet the rear end of the external ground arm. Using your fingers or a flat head screwdriver, loosely fold the external ground arm wings around the cable jacket.
Using the external ground arm crimp feature on the Simply45 Shielded External Ground Crimper (S45-C101), crimp the external ground wings until securely folded around the cable jacket.
Inspect the terminated plug to be sure wires have been properly trimmed. Then align the 2 posts on the Cap45® with the 2 holes on the front of the plug. Push the posts into the plug until the Cap45® is snug to the plug body.